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October 22, 2019
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The buzzy holistic beauty label Aēsop shares 33 intimate anecdotes from its founders, creative directors, and more in a debut volume exploring their singular vision, from laboratory to boutique Known for its natural skin, hair, and body products, the Australian beauty brand Aēsop has enjoyed a cult following since its founding in 1987 With a focus on sustainable design, they pride themselves on a meticulous attention to detail, minimalist flair, and only the finest quality plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients This debut book explores Aēsop's groundbreaking philosophy via 33 separate stories exploring what makes their vision unique From the company's history and design ethos, to the stages of product development (the journey from a mood board to the laboratory, and then to a boutique), each chapter delves into a fascinating element of Aēsop's identity Exclusive photographs by the acclaimed Japanese photographer Yutaka Yamamoto and behind-the-scenes shots from the company's archives enhance the anecdotal text penned by Aēsop's lauded creative team The brand's dedicated fans, beauty aficionados, and any lover of holistic skincare will become enthralled by the visual journey illustrated throughout this luxurious volume's 336 pages

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