A+U 19:04 583: COUSS?E AND GORIS

A+U 19:04 583: COUSS?E AND GORIS
Publication Date: 
August 15, 2019
Trim Size: 
11.4in. x 8.6in. x 0.4in.
About This Item: 
a+u 19:04 is our first monograph dedicated to Coussée and Goris Architects, a practice established twenty years ago in Ghent, Belgium Marc Dubois, an accomplished Belgian architect, provides a concise overview of the architecture landscape in Belgium and the role the two architects have played in its development Interviewing Ralf Coussée and Klaas Goris, we learn that architecture to them is about metaphors They seek to work them into their projects by referring to a collection of postcards, artworks, and texts which represent memories they have of different experiences This process develops designs that at first glance may look conservative, but a deeper look reveals the close attention they pay to details and materials with respect to the structure and place Including photographs taken by Hisao Suzuki, this monograph explores the stories behind each building through the eyes of Coussée and Goris.

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