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August 1, 2020
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Mention Bangkok and vibrant streets bustling with stalls hawking cheap but delicious local fare often come to mind. However, in addition to its reputation for being a food lover's paradise and a cultural mecca, the capital of Thailand has also evolved over time into an exciting design hub where fun and fearless creatives continue to bring intriguing ideas to life across a variety of fields. From its thriving fashion and furniture design scene to dining and after-hours entertainment options beyond the tourist traps, CITIx60: Bangkok explores one of the most visited destinations in the world through the eyes of 60 trendsetters and tastemakers who draw their inspiration from all that the city has to offer - accompanied by Google Maps QR codes, top tips, and useful app recommendations to ease your trip. About CITIx60 A unique collaboration with local creatives from selected cities around the world, each CITIx60 City Guide contains 60 recommended hotspots across five key categories, covering landmarks, cultural venues, art spaces, shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment. All 60 featured creatives are at the cutting-edge of what's hot, and known for their accomplishments in various fields including art, architecture, advertising, design, film-making, music, and gastronomy.

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