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November 1, 2016
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A profoundly creepy and highly original vampire story set in the Wild West from internationally acclaimed actor Gary Oldman and award-winning producer Douglas Urbanski. Once a prosperous and lively town, now, in 1882, Echo Basin's best days are behind it. In the early days of Echo Basin's founding, a young boy slips out of town to play in what he thinks is a cave, but what is in reality an abandoned mineshaft...and he's not alone in there. Searching desperately for an escape, he comes upon a large, ornate box that opens to reveal a dusty and withered corpse, impaled on a stake. Despite his terror, he wrenches the stake from the body's heart and uses it to pry at the rocks blocking his exit. Just as he is about to clear a hole wide enough to squeeze through, he hears a dry rattle, a cough, and the creaking of ancient bones behind him. "Boy, " says the man in the coffin, "Where am I?" The boy panics and throws himself into the opening he's made, barely managing to squeeze free. But when he reemerges, he finds himself in a different town, twenty years later, and soon learns that he was given up for dead almost two decades ago. Thus begins the journey of Magnus Blackwell, who rises from his coffin to join the community of Echo Basin. By day he is a gentleman, a seemingly civic-minded and active member of the community. By night he is a hunter, an adventurer...and a vampire. With a vibrant new twist on an iconic story, Blood Riders is the chilling tale of a ghost town with an unnerving history, a mysterious voodoo curse, and a compelling hero who is deeply human, deeply conflicted, and deeply original.

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