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Written by Emezi, Akwaeke
An extraordinary debut novel, Freshwater explores the surreal experience of having a fractured self.
February 13, 2018 | Hardcover | Grove Press | 240 Pages |
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Written by Schutt, Christine
"With terse sentences that read like poetry, Schutt strips each scene of excess context and cuts to the heart of the moment....Schutt's haunting yet lyrical words linger long after the final page."--Los Angeles Times Hailed by George Saunders as "a truly gifted writer," with Pure Hollywood & Other Stories, Pulitzer Prize finalist and O Henry Prize winner Christine Schu
March 13, 2018 | Hardcover | Grove Press | 144 Pages |
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Written by Self, Will
Published to rave reviews in the United Kingdom, Phone tells the story of two men: Zack Busner and Jonathan De'Ath. Busner is a psychiatrist who has made his name through his unorthodox treatment of psychological damage, such as giving the controversial drug L-DOPA to patients ravaged by encephalitis, or administering LSD to World War II PTSD-sufferers.
January 9, 2018 | Hardcover | Grove Press | 624 Pages |
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Written by Quatro, Jamie
"It's rare, to the point of near non-existence, to find a book that has such literary weight and heft, yet reads like a sonnet. I look at it in puzzlement, wondering how Jamie Quatro gave such breadth, depth and intensity in so few words. And it's funny, and real, and painful, so painful. Also a shot of light. An education. A mirror.
January 9, 2018 | Hardcover | Grove Press | 224 Pages |


Written by Leon, Donna
Surprised, if not dismayed, to discover from his superior, Vice-Questore Patta, that leaks are emanating from the Questura, Commissario Guido Brunetti is surprised more consequentially by the appearance of a friend of his wife's, fearful that her son is using drugs and hopeful Brunetti can somehow intervene.
March 20, 2018 | Hardcover | Atlantic Monthly Press | 272 Pages |
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Written by Forna, Aminatta
"Not since Remains of the Day has an author so skillfully revealed the way history's layers are often invisible to all but its participants . . . Gorgeous."--John Freeman, Boston Globe on The Hired Man
March 6, 2018 | Hardcover | Atlantic Monthly Press | 368 Pages |
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Written by Khong, Rachel
"Khong is a magician, and we are lucky to fall under her spell at the very beginning of her brilliant writing life." --Lauren Groff"This novel sneaks up on you -- just like life . . . and heartbreak. And love."--Miranda July
July 11, 2017 | Hardcover | Henry Holt & Company |
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Written by Santopolo, Jill
THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER "It's the epic love story of 2017."--Redbook "One Day meets Me Before You meets your weekender bag."--The Skimm
May 9, 2017 | Hardcover | G.P. Putnam's Sons |
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Written by Adebayo, Ayobami
"A stunning debut novel." --Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times This celebrated, unforgettable first novel ("A bright, big-hearted demonstration of female spirit." -The Guardian), shortlisted for the prestigious Bailey's Prize and set in Nigeria, gives voice to both husband and wife as they tell the story of their marriage--and the forces that threaten to tear it apart.
August 22, 2017 | Hardcover | Knopf Publishing Group |
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Written by Osborne, Lawrence
In this stylish, haunting novel, journalist and novelist Lawrence Osborne explores the reverberations of a random accident on the lives of Moroccan Muslims and Western visitors who converge on a luxurious desert villa for a decadent weekend-long party.
September 25, 2012 | Hardcover | Hogarth Press |

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