A delightfully ghoulish array of specters and sorceresses, witches and ghosts, hags and apparitions haunt these pages-a literary parade of phantoms and shades to add to the revelry of All Hallow's Eve. From Homer to Horace, Pope to Poe, Randall Jarrell to James Merrill, Poems Bewitched and Haunted draws on three thousand years of poetic forays into the supernatural.
September 13, 2005 | Hardcover | Everyman's Library | 256 Pages |


New York City has always been a larger-than-life, half-mythical place, and this collection offers an appropriately stunning mosaic of its many incarnations in poetry-ranging from Walt Whitman's exuberant celebrations to contemporary poets' moving responses to the September 11 attack on the city.
August 13, 2002 | Hardcover | Everyman's Library |
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Written by Neruda, Pablo
Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, finished writing The Captain's Verses in 1952 while in exile on the island of Capri the paradisal setting for the blockbuster film Il Postino (The Postman). Surrounded by sea, sun, and Capri's natural splendors, Neruda addressed these poems to his lover Matilde Urrutia before they were married, but didn't publish them publicly until 1963.
February 25, 2009 | Paperback | New Directions Publishing Corporation |


Written by Cisneros, Sandra
Seductive, earthy, at times confessional, Sandra Cisneros's vibrant new collection of poetry celebrates the female aspects of love - from the reflective to the overtly erotic - in a voice recognizable from her powerful works of fiction. These poems offer narratives as formally elegant as they are emotional and accessible.
March 14, 1995 | Paperback | Vintage | 144 Pages |
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Written by Masters, Edgar Lee
The innovative free verse collection of small-town life that made Edgar Lee Masters a legend A literary sensation when it appeared in 1915, Spoon River Anthology earned Edgar Lee Masters comparisons to T. S. Eliot and Walt Whitman.
May 1, 2008 | Paperback | Penguin Group | 293 Pages |
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Written by Pound, Ezra
Since the 1969 revised edition, the Italian Cantos LXXII and LXXIII (as well as a 1966 fragment concluding the work) have been added. Now appearing for the first time is Pound's recently found Eglish translation of Italian Canto LXXII.
June 17, 1996 | Paperback | New Directions Publishing Corporation | 896 Pages |
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Written by Milton, John
Edited by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich, and Stephen M. Fallon
September 9, 2008 | Paperback | Modern Library | 433 Pages |
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Written by Rimbaud, Arthur
Enduring icon of creativity, authenticity, and rebellion, and the subject of numerous new biographies, Arthur Rimbaud is one of the most repeatedly scrutinized literary figures of the last half-century. Yet almost thirty years have elapsed without a major new translation of his writings.
January 14, 2003 | Paperback | Modern Library |
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Written by Parker, Dorothy
Best remembered as a member of the Algonquin Round Table, the fabled Jazz Age literay coterie, Dorothy Parker built a reputations as one of the era's most beloved poets. Parker's satirical wit and sharp-edged humour earned her a reputation as the wittiest woman in America.
April 6, 2010 | Paperback | Penguin Group |
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Written by Alighieri, Dante
The radiant climax to Dante's awe-inspiring epic, in a definitive new translation Having plunged to the utmost depths of Hell and climbed Mount Purgatory in the first two parts of The Divine Comedy, Dante now ascends to Heaven, guided by his beloved Beatrice, to continue his search for God.
March 1, 2008 | Paperback | Penguin Group |

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