Curated Libraries for Industry Partners

Welcome to our professional custom library curation service, designed specifically for industry partners. Whether you represent a hotel, restaurant, private club, corporate boardroom, or communal space, we specialize in curating stylish and distinguished libraries that align with your brand's identity.

Our extensive collection features a stellar selection of beautiful and cutting-edge interior and graphic design books, ensuring your space is infused with the latest trends and concepts. Immerse yourself in the finest architecture and art monographs, complemented by a curated array of spectacular fashion titles.

Each library we create is meticulously tailored to reflect the unique tastes and needs of your clients, elevating their experience within your establishment. By entrusting us with your library needs, you can be confident in our ability to create a refined and captivating environment that sets you apart in your industry.

Experience the transformative impact of a thoughtfully curated library that enhances your professional space and leaves a lasting impression on your guests and clients. Partner with us to create a library that embodies sophistication and speaks to the discerning tastes of your industry clientele.


We offer a range of exceptional services to enhance your establishment:

Suite Collections: Immerse your guests in a curated selection of literary and beautifully illustrated titles, reflecting the local area and your brand values. Create a memorable bedtime reading experience that aligns with your desired aesthetic.

Spa Collections: Complement your spa treatments with our curated collection of books on wellbeing and healthy living. Whether incorporated into your core library or displayed in the reception area, these books provide valuable information for your guests.

Restaurant Collections: Infuse your dining room with the vibrant colors and unique character of your cuisine through our carefully selected food and wine books. Elevate the dining experience and showcase the culture of your restaurant.

Children's Collections: Delight young guests with our captivating Children's Collection, featuring beloved classics and contemporary literature. We also offer welcome activity books to engage and entertain children during their stay.

Gifts for Guests: Leave a lasting impression by offering a specially selected book as a parting or welcoming gift to your guests. These thoughtful souvenirs will remind them of their stay and encourage future visits.

Events: Host intimate author evenings and engaging literary events for your guests and the public. Our experienced team can arrange readings, talks, signings, and cocktail hours, creating memorable experiences.


Contact Us

If you would like to discuss an existing library or a new project with our library-building team, please do not hesitate to contact us to book the first consultation.

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