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Want to build a personal or work library?


For over 50 years we have created libraries of all sizes for readers, interior designers and decorators, corporate offices, restuarants and hotels across the world. Our experienced booksellers constantly look for new magnificient books. We work carefully exploring different tastes and subjects. We believe that our selection of books must reflect a peronality or a place. We offer our expertise to understand what our clients want to say with a library. 

If you’re looking to fill your home with books to cherish, and curl up with, we can curate an impeccable collection of gorgeous art monographs, the finest in literature, fascinating biographies and history tomes from our vast selection---all catered to your own personal taste. Our experienced booksellers can help you refresh your existing library or create an entirely new collection. 

Ask for Rizzoli Wedding Registry to celebrate your love with books.Our booksellers can make a curated book selection just for you as a couple. We can personalize your webpage adding photos, setting a custom URL and more. Contact us for more information at

 “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
 Jorge Luis Borges

We curate stylish and distinguished custom libraries for a variety of industry partners, from hotels, restaurants, and private clubs to corporate boardrooms and communal spaces. We can put together a stellar library of beautiful and cutting edge interior and graphic design books, the finest in architecture and art monographs, and plenty of spectacular fashion titles that will enhance your professional space. Our libraries are tailored to reflect the identity of your brand and the tastes and needs of your clients. 

"the charm of the landscape around mandarin oriental, lago di como resonates in the atmosphere ... each book has been carefully selected by the Rizzoli Bookstore from New York"

Mandarin Oriental - Lago di Como

How we work:

Briefing: We hold a preliminary meeting to discuss the project and your specific book and design requirements. We will then provide a full brief of the project and a complete costing.

Selection: Our team of in-house experts will choose, acquire and collate your book collection. Every book will have justified its place in your library on the quality, relevance or beauty of its contents. We can also advise on any shelf design requirements.

Installation: Your library will be delivered by our team of experts. We highlight the importance of providing not only an engaging library but also a beautifully presented collection. Installation and display can be requested.

Follow Up: Our team will remain in contact to ensure the ongoing success of your library. Should you wish we can advise on seasonal updates or new publications that will compliment your collection.

If you would like to discuss an existing library or a new project with our library-building team, please do not hesitate to contact us to book the first consultation.

The pastel and jewel toned lobby. Matthieu Salvaing, styled by Grace Harris - Fouquet Hotel NY

By phone +1 212 759 2424 - By email at


Image from "Veere Grenney: A point of View" by Veere Grenney, 

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