Publication Date: 
September 24, 2018
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16.2in. x 12.2in. x 2.8in.
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Photographer Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world with his camera, visiting some of its most remote and ancient cultures: the resulting images will uplift us individually, unite us spiritually and celebrate our diversity yet common humanity The new global language is not Chinese, English or Spanish Jimmy Nelson believes it is the visual language of photography His travels to visit native peoples within small remote communities have become addictive The bright, colourful, ecstatic feeling that comes through in the resulting photographs is in sharp contrast to a world that sometimes feels emotionally beige They demonstrate the unique beauty of all the varieties of human life for the viewers and the subjects alike It is the story he wants to tell and share with the world The parallels between the biodiversity of the planet and its cultural diversity are very clear Our ethnodiversity, our 'ethnosphere', must also be protected It is the sum total and manifestation of all the thoughts, dreams, myths, ideas, inspirations and intuitions produced by the human imagination since the dawn of consciousness It is all that we have created through our endeavours as a wildly inquisitive and astonishingly adaptive species In short, it is humanity's greatest legacy We all come from the same source and together we are going through an amazing period of cultural evolution Peoples with unique cultural identities need to be truly and effectively respected, cherished and supported, for them and for all of us If we are to do so we will all need some of the humility, vulnerability, kindness, generosity and good humour that comes through in these arresting images E X P L O R E T H E C O M P A N I O N A P P A VR viewer will be included with every copy of Homage to Humanity To accompany Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson and his team have created a companion mobile app It is a remarkable record of their journeys on a state-of-the-art platform, with immersive 360 films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more Each image in this book has hidden, digital layers Go even deeper into Jimmy Nelson's photographs with exciting additional material that will bring you new insights into his work, and new perspectives on the lives of the people he visited

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