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Publication Date: 
May 1, 2017
Trim Size: 
11.3in. x 8.8in. x 0.6in.
About This Item: 
"When I was a kid, I had a dream to become a conceptual artist and illustrator, this book is a part of my dream to become true, says Madrid-based Salem Beiruti. The skillful digital illustrations of Beiruti are unique in their craftsmanship, merging beauty and mystery into one seductive story. He is inspired by the likes of artists and photographers Robert W Richards, Patrick Fillion, Silver Jow, Alfredo Roagui, Pepe Madrigal, Paul Freeman, Issauro Cairo, Stas Vokhmin, Francisco Prato, and inkedKenny, Beiruti s journey is reflected directly in his art, and as one can clearly see, this project is about his passion. "Morphosis" is the result of an ongoing journey that Beiruti is taking: It is the journey of a man coming from an Arabic middle eastern culture and its traditions to who I is now, a person always willing to leave his comfort zone and express himself, showing his admiration for the human body in a mysterious yet obvious and clear way."

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