News Articles from January, 2016

January 26, 2016

Fashion and design have been in our DNA since our very first store opened on fashion focused Fifth Avenue. That's why Rizzoli Bookstore is honoring New York Fashion Week by highlighting some of our favorite books on the subject, ranging from street style guides to fashion's favorite muses. Below are just a few of the titles we turn to (pun intended) when looking for our own style inspiration. 

Kelly Barden, Bookseller


This fashion monograph is as stunning as it is informative. Chloe Attitudes chronicles the rise of the legendary fashion empire brought to life by Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion, who invented the concept of prêt-a-porter in order to make luxury fashion more accessible to the public. Detailing decades of styles in gorgeous full-page photographs, this incredible volume showcases the work of legendary designers who have redefined the brand for the free-spirited and refined modern woman. 

I LOVE YOUR STYLE by Amanda Brooks

Part memoir, part look-book, I Love Your Style is a fashion Pinterest board in book form. Breaking each chapter into its own style section (Classic, Bohemian, Minimalist, etc.), Brooks draws inspiration from legendary fashion icons, movies, and literature that have inspired defining cultural moments in fashion, all the while providing the tools to discover/invent your own personal style. 


This title will invoke some artistic inspiration on the go! This pocket-sized fashion book glimpses into the workshop of the legendary designer who popularized some of the most important looks in women's fashion. Filled with a rich historical text of the YSL studio, this book also includes quotes from the designer, sketches, and beautiful retro 70's photos. Detailed, yet accessible, this title is a great choice for your morning commute or daily inspirational flip-through. 

Rachel Kambury, Bookseller 

YOUR BEAUTY MARK by Dita Von Teese with Rose Apodaca 

Dita Von Teese's new book is a lavish exploration of her personal journey from small town girl to glamour icon, as well as an in-depth guide to the products, techniques, and rituals Dita uses to craft her image from the inside out. This is not a book for fans of the "natural" look, but for us eccentrics with a taste for the dramatic, who express our truest selves through bold brows, cat eyes, power-red lips, and all-eyes-on-me attitudes.


This unassuming little book of street portraits showcases a wide variety of incredible women of various ages, shapes, colors, and looks from New York, Paris, Melbourne, Tokyo, Madrid, and London. Just like in real life, you won't see the same look twice. WOMEN IN THIS CITY is nothing short of a celebration of the modern woman - stylish, confident, unique - in the big city.


Tattoos have become so ubiquitous as to rival the most basic of closet staples, and like a perfect pair of skinny jeans, you can't have just one. TATTOO STREET STYLE is an immersive look into the world of tattoos in the 21st century. Featuring gorgeous photographs of citizens and their ink (including "behind-the-ink" stories and subject interviews), this is a perfect book for the tattooed as well as the tattooed-to-be. 

Kate Hutchison, Events Manager

LOVE STYLE LIFE by Garance Doré

I'm not sure which came first-- my obsession with French street style or my obsession with Garance Doré, needless to say the two go hand in hand. While Garance's style is the epitome of timeless chic, but it's her candid writing and charming illustrations that make her stand out from the cliché sea of fashion bloggers. This book is perfect for someone who doesn't take life (or fashion!) too seriously.

PARIS STREET STYLE by Isabelle Thomas

Keeping with the Francophile theme is this quaint little book. It's filled with happy faces, great tips, and an adorable cover that's a perfect conversation starter. Sure my knowledge of the French language might be limited (or nonexistent) but at least after reading this, I'm well versed in Paris fashion.

January 8, 2016

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rizzoli Bookstore have been partners for years, both determined to bring the best that the world has to offer to New York City. The Met’s renowned collection and exhibitions connect people to creativity, knowledge, and ideas through significant works of art across all times and cultures. At Rizzoli Bookstore, we similarly strive to curate a selection that caters to uniquely inquisitive individuals who are always striving to widen their world view and better understand human achievement through art and literature. 

This January marks the beginning of a new era in our thriving relationship with one of the greatest museums in the world. In our first collaboration at our new NoMad location, we are excited to celebrate the Met’s Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom with a dazzling window display. Our window has been transformed to pay tribute to the exhibit, which the New York Times raves is "high on complex beauty.” With assistance from the Met, our display is filled with “artifacts,” images, and (or course) books. Our display coincides with the remaining days of the exhibit, which closes on January 24th.

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