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April 29, 2016

 The MET Gala Affair for New Yorkers is something on par with Hollywood's Academy Awards. But aside from the        glamour and entertainment aspect of who-wore-what and who-stayed-where, etc. the influence of the MET exhibit    extends beyond one glamorously exclusive star-studded evening. The gala is largely responsible for funding the Costume   Institute, which provides endless inspiration to aspiring designers and artists, not to mention, entertainment and      cultural enlightenment for any human lucky enough to find themselves in the museum. Below are three eclectic books    chosen by our own fashion maven bookseller, Kelly Barden, inspired by the upcoming festivities.


 (Abrams, September 2014) While this is the most obvious title to celebrate this upcoming MET Gala, it will in no way    disappoint with its exquisitely curated content. This commemorative collection from Abrams chronicles the last 15 years of  MET Gala exhibitions. Replete with full-length photos of past shows including Jacqueline Kennedy's impact on Fashion &  Politics, 18th Century Versailles, and 1980's Transatlantic Punk Culture (to name a few), this remarkable title is as expertly  curated as the exhibits themselves. Each chapter details the historical relevance behind the exhibitions, and includes an  introduction from legendary Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour. This incredible volume reaffirms the invaluable elements  of the Costume Institute while showcasing all of the glamorous attributes that make this NYC's most exclusive event each  year. 


 (powerHouse Books, April 2016) This year's MET Gala theme is "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology." Naturally, David  Bowie in his legendary Ziggy Stardust futuristic costumes seem fitting. However, Steve Shapiro's photographs—colorful and visually  striking—showcase Bowie's incredible sartorial range outside of his famous musical personas. Shapiro, a long-time friend and  photographer of Bowie, reflects on the musician's ever-surprising originality—from painting white diagonal stripes down the front of  his costume minutes before a shoot, to drawing continuous Kabbalah circles on the wall while being photographed. This incredible  photographic volume is a must-have for Bowie fans as well as fashion-innovators, who will be surprised and delighted by this  visionary portrait of a very rare star.



 (Abrams, May 2014) Art and fashion have always influenced one another, and this inventive title mirroring the works and  relationship between two legends who helped define the era of Studio54 is the most alluring example. The MET Gala themes  often involve topics that work in conversation with one another, and this book, which chronicles Halston and Warhol's  parallel rise to fame and acceptance in the art and fashion world provides visible links between the influences that each had  on the another. Fashion is the most accessible form of art, and this collection shows the direct link between the two  mediums--just as Warhol's prints made their way into Halston's collections, Halston's shoes made their way into Warhol's  paintings. Filled with incredible sixties and seventies Warhol prints, Halston clothing, and portraits of the stars, Halston &  Warhol is a strikingly vibrant visual conversation of a glamorous, post-sexual revolutionized New York City era.

April 27, 2016

The expertly curated selection at Rizzoli Bookstore has made us a destination for interior designers. In honor of International Contemporary Furniture Fair, May 14-17, 2016 at Javits Center, we're featuring our current favorites that need to be on your radar. Peruse our picks and see for yourself why we're the stylish choice for anyone interested in interiors. Practical or aspirational, we have a unique collection designed with you in mind. Read up on the recently deceased  iconic furniture designer Vladimir Kagan, brush up on your modern Cuban design knowledge, or take your Marie Kondoing to the next level. Whatever your poison, Rizzoli Bookstore will help you be the best read person at IFCC.


(Gestalten, November 2015) In the age of online shopping, opening a store and becoming a shopkeeper seems like a bold move. Yet from Vienna to Vancouver, storefronts are emerging once again as worthy opponents to commercial corporations. Customers embrace individual businesses that share the distinctive knowledge, personalities, vision, and humor of their owners.

Whether brand new and based on innovative ideas or passed down for generations and revamped, the stores and their shopkeepers featured in this book stand out for the singular experience they provide to their customers and the personal selection of items they sell. The Shopkeepers: Storefront Businesses and the Future of Retail celebrates the diversity and creativity of brick-and-mortar businesses, telling the stories of the shops and their unique owners.


(Pointed Leaf Press, June 2015) Pointed Leaf Press is pleased to announce that we have published an updated edition of The Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan, A Lifetime of Avant Garde Design in a larger format with exciting revisions that includes a Foreword by renowned-architect, Zaha Hadid, and Kagan’s impressive new work over the last decade. Since 2004, Kagan’s international reach has grown by leaps and bounds, in showrooms in France and Italy, and with commissions for high-end interiors by some of the world’s leading architects and interior designers. Beginning with his childhood in Germany and his family’s escape from Nazi power, Kagan chronicles his rise to become one of America’s most celebrated designers. Combining sophisticated aesthetic with comfort and modernistic sensibility are the hallmark of his enduring career.

"It is the perfect time to celebrate Vladimir Kagan's influential new work. His new custom designs are transformative and the new installations - documented in striking contemporary interiors - will make the book - the only one that documents in detail the designer's amazing career - a must-have for young and seasoned designers alike. It will also offer a sneak peek into Kagan's foray into architecture!" - Suzanne Slesin, Publisher and Editorial Director, Pointed Leaf Press.


(The Monacelli Press, March 2016) Twentieth-century Brazilian furniture design is perhaps the last great largely unknown tradition of modernism, characterized by rich and sensually textured hardwoods and an ingenuity, grace, and simplicity that exemplify the national character of brasiliadade. With well over 400 historic images and new photography, Brazil Modern: The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Furniture surveys the history and legacy of this innovative design tradition. Featuring the work of the titans of Brazilian design—Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer, Joaquim Tenreiro, and Sergio Rodrigues—as well as numerous designers whose work and reputations only recently reached foreign shores, Brazil Modern is the first comprehensive guide to this untapped vein of modernist design.


(Lannoo Publishers, November 2015) The current dominant interior style is surprisingly eclectic. In this book, art collectors, architects, designers and antiquarians mastering this trend, allow us to enter their private spaces. They mix different styles to form a new unity, combining old and new, sleak and baroque. No sterile showrooms are shown here, but real houses, decorated by these creative minds. The eclectic style does not have any rules and underlines the strong individual character of the decorator.

Art historian Piet Swimberghe and photographer Jan Verlinde work for numerous magazines such as Elle Living, Coté Ouest, MTC and Weekend Knack. They have produced books on architecture, design and interiors and written many articles for European interior magazines. 


(Universe, March 2016) Based on the Webby Award–winning Tumblr site, Things Organized Neatly is thoughtfully composed of everyday objects, all displayed beautifully for the neat freak. Things Organized Neatly takes the messiness of the everyday world and recasts it in neat and appealing designs. On one page a massive collection of cellphones from the past twenty years is laid out on the floor and photographed from above; on the next, a collection of candy is pleasingly arranged by color. Things Organized Neatly capitalizes on our current obsession with photographing and cataloguing all the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. It has many images of food laid out in visually appealing, often humorous designs, as well as images of GI Joes standing at attention and old Nintendo cartridges arranged in the colors of the rainbow. Whether you’re a design aficionado, an obsessive cleaner and straightener, a social media maven constantly documenting your day, or someone just looking to be swept away for an afternoon in a book full of beautiful images, Things Organized Neatly offers every reader a chance to revel in the beauty of everyday life.


April 12, 2016

"Fresh off a double solo outing of paintings and drawings at New York galleries Peter Freeman and Sargent’s Daughter, artist Catherine Murphy sits down with New York Times art critic Ken Johnson to discuss her new self-titled monograph, published by Skira Rizzoli and Peter Freeman, Inc., which surveys the American realist’s entire career. The enlightening evening will include a reading from the book by art critic and poet John Yau, who wrote a revealing text for the tome." Find out more here.

April 6, 2016

"A celebration to mark Pamela Love’s incredible milestone as well as a book signing, cocktails, tarot card and palm readers on site." Find out more here.

April 4, 2016

"At a recent celebration of the book’s release at the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York, Patti Smith — who considered Mapplethorpe her creative soul mate, chronicled their coming of age as artists together in her magnificent memoir, and wrote the introduction to this new volume — spoke affectionately about Mapplethorpe’s singular contribution to visual culture, his uncommonly obsessive creative process, and his influence on her own ethos as an artist." Click here to read the full article.

April 1, 2016

"If you need a fresh inspiration, take a leaf from Ella Woodward's book (literally)." Find out more here.

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