04/20/2020 - 4:41pm

As Posted before, Independent Bookstore Day has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 29th, but we'll be celebrating virtually all week with online events and tons of books!  This celebration is a reminder that your local independent bookshops are more than just stores--we are cultural hubs and community centers where you can meet friends, enjoy a live music performance or just spend a few quiet hours.  We are proud to be at your service. 

Due to our stores temporary closing all festivities will conitnue online! 

There is a huge importance of celebrating Independent Bookstore Day! It not only keeps your favorite bookstores afloat in the digital age, but it builds community and enriches it! We celebrate on the last day of April each year to bring together all our communities passionate readers to celebrate. This year we'll have to join you in the digital realm, but that's okay, because right now more than ever, we are counting on our website sales and the support of our community online. we have a lot of stuff planned for you this year, from virtual story readings to lnstagram live performances. 

Join us for Virutal Events on our Instagram and Facebook stories to celebrate! 

You can find that list here.

Connect with us on our social platforms! We love to see you tag us on Instagram. Have a photo memory from a trip to our store? or a pile of books from your latest shopping haul? Tag us! Keep the conversation going. 


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