This Land Is Your Land: Five Photography Books to Celebrate Earth Day

04/22/2017 - 1:04pm

Today is Earth Day--a day where we celebrate this incredible planet that houses over 7 billion people. Today, we honor the natural wonders of the world and allow ourselves to be conscious of our impending impact on global issues, such as climate change. Keeping with this theme, here are five unique titles that will awe and inspire, challenging us to make a difference in how we treat our Mother Earth.

Higher Ground, Carl de KeyzerHigher Ground (Lannoo) from Carl de Keyzer is the follow up to previous work, Before the Flood, which depicted European villages on the brink of drowning due to a massive flood. This follow up, is once again paired with a fictional story by Phillipe Claudel, and presents the aftermath of the previous book. Higher Ground chronicles the daily lives of the people who have fled to the mountains to begin a new life. Scientists predict that there will be a 3-4 meter range in sea level by 2050. This book paints a foreshadowing portrait of that notion; it is beautifully shot, and thought-provoking in all its irony. To learn more about the book, click here

Natural World, Thomas D. Mangelsen

The Natural World: Portraits of Earth's Great Ecosystems (Universe) by Thomas D. Mangelsen: This book from nature photographer, Thomas D. Mangelson takes the viewer on a journey to ten distinct ecosystems that serve as refuge for some of the most unique species on this planet. Infused with rich, colorful panoramic photos, this work captures natural life untouched by urbanization or human contact. You can purchase a copy of this title here

Canyon Wilderness of the Southwest (Welcome Books) by Jon Ortner is bound to make even the tallest human feel small. This is a humbling survey of western national parks comprised of vast and expansive natural rock formations. These incredible photos, made up of infinite rock structures and sculptural boulders, are set against breathtaking backdrops of warm sunset hues. Shop the book here.

The Life and Love of the Sea (Abrams) by Lewis Blackwell will no doubt put you in the mood for summer. If you've never gone scuba diving, consider this book your introduction course (or at least your brochure!). Filled with lustrous photos of dramatic coastlines, barrier reefs, sea creatures, and waves, this book is an epic lovesong that celebrates the beauty and mystery that embodies oceanlife. To shop this title, click here

EARTH: Colours of the Earth (Phaidon) from Bernhard Edmaier is a sweeping collection of aerial photographs organized by the rich colors of various habitats. If there was ever a book to wow you about the planet from the sheer size alone and/or scale of environmental diversity, this is it. Containing shots that depict volcanic eruptions, deserts, glaciers, and the ocean, this book paints a full-picture view of life on earth as seen from a great distance above. To shop the book, click here

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