The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your, INDOOR JUNGLE!

04/13/2020 - 6:18pm

During this very important quaratine, there is no reason why you can't bring nature indoors. Fill every room up to the ceiling with greenery this spring, with The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Urban Jungle!

Learn about the best indoor plants, to create an indoor jungle, with tips and tricks on how to care and treat them. In this book you'll find what your plants really need, what they need to survive, where they should be placed throughtout the home, along with suitable conditions. Featuring photos of beautiful plants by name and home interior set ups that will surely inspire you.  You will also learn how to analyze your space and how to find inspiration for it. 

Authors Lauren and Sophia run an incredibly succesful interior design store and nursey called Leaf Supply in Sydney, Australia. 


"When done correctly, curating any decent housplant can be just as effective as hanging a beautiful work of art."-Leaf Supply

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