06/03/2017 - 3:49pm

Looking to be inspired this weekend? You're in luck! The new LIMITED EDITION CABANA MAGAZINE (Issue 7) has arrived, and it is gorgeous. Spend the rest of your weekend in wanderlust as you page through these exotic interiors and chic travel stays. For more info on this new issue, which is in collaboration with Burberry, see the description below.

"Cabana Magazine is a biannual publication in English based in London and printed in Italy. From the simplest object to the rarest collectible, from a rural hut to a cosmopolitan dwelling. Each issue is a handmade creation, with its innovative printing techniques, specialty papers and finishes each selected to enhance the particular piece or interior it represents. 

The limited edition box of Cabana issue seven is in collaboration with Burberry, who feature a unique Henry Moore print on the cover. This issue explores all things quintessentially British, from the majestic Chatsworth House to the quaint forgotten farmhouses of Westmorland. Cabana welcomes you into some of the most enchanting homes in Britain and beyond." -1st Dibs

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