Multipli Forti: Italian Literary Fiction Festival at Rizzoli Bookstore

06/08/2022 - 10:30am


A transatlantic window on the major literary trends of Italian fiction of our time, told by the authors who have written and are writing it.

The first edition of the Italian Contemporary/Literary Fiction Festival will take place in New York City, from June 6–8, 2022. This literary celebration, thematically titled Multipli Forti: Voices from Contemporary Italian Literature is a transatlantic window on the major literary trends in contemporary Italian fiction, featuring a select group of luminary Italian writers.

Guests over the age of five must wear masks and show proof of vaccination (either a vaccine card or an Excelsior Pass).

To register to 

6/7 - Center for Italian Modern Art, 421 Broome St


10:30 am: The Bridge Literary Award
Announcing nominations for the 2022 edition. Authors, translators, and editors of the winning books in the various editions will be present together with members of the American and Italian juries. Featuring Anthony Tamburri, Margo Jefferson, Elisabetta Rasy, Eli Gottlieb, Maaza Mengiste, and Danielle Evans.
Moderators: Fabio Finotti, Maria Ida Gaeta, and Maria Gliozzi
In Italian and English
3 pm: Claudia Durastanti, Vincenzo Latronico, Francesco Pacifico, Enrico Rotelli, and Paolo Rumiz (on video)
Response by Jonathan Galassi
Moderator: Alessandro Giammei
In English
6 pm: Edoardo Albinati, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Emaunele Trevi (on video)
Response by Michael Moore and Teresa Fiore
Moderator: Chiara Benetollo
In Italian with English translation



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