Rizzoli Bookstore Loves New York!

04/21/2020 - 4:34pm
Dear friends, 

During these challenging times, we are grateful to our fellow New Yorkers who remain on the frontlines--the doctors, nurses, mail carriers, grocery workers, and couriers, among others, who are risking themselves in the service of others. We're also thankful to you, our customers, who have supported and encouraged us since this crisis began.  Our bookstore staff is here for you, always eager to stay connected.
Call us at 212-759-2424 or Email us at Bookstore@rizzoliusa.com

Weeks spent indoors have made time spent outside rare and precious. Stuck inside, we're more aware than ever of the city that persists out there. Streets may be empty for now and storefronts shuttered, but we know New York will be back. 
In the meantime browse or New York City selection ONLINE! 

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