St Jordi Festival of Books and Roses

04/25/2017 - 2:27pm

 This past Sunday, April 23rd, we took part in the St.Jordi Festival of NYC with the Catalan Institute of America. The St. Jordi Festival celebrates Shakespeare and Cervantes (who died within a day of each other in 1616). In addition to commemorating two of the most prominent (and romantic) literary figures, April 23rd is also the UN Day of Books and Copyright.

"The origin is a lovers holiday," says Marc Tio, Executive Director of the Catalan Institute of America. "St. George kills the dragon and saves the damsel in distress. The celebration of books was added in 1923 by the Catalan Booksellers Association." In doing this, people exchanged books for roses. To this day, the streets of Barcelona and the cities of Catalonia fill with bookstands and flower stalls.

Below are some highlights from Sunday's events, where the Catalan Institute brought roses to our booksellers in exchange for titles celebrating Spanish authors. 

New Arrivals