Summer Swim-spiration Photo Books to Cool Off With!

08/05/2017 - 12:19pm

 Summer isn't over yet, and though the bookstore is paradise, that doesn't mean we're not wanderlusting over sandy beaches, or daydreaming of laying poolside in a Slim Aarons monograph. From the Palm Springs luxury resorts to the beaches of St. Tropez, here's a list of summer swim-spiration photo monographs to cool off with. 

If you're a fan of high-profile celebrities, pool parties, and the Côte d'Azur, Johnny Pigozzi's Pool Party is the book for you! This striking Rizzoli title contains over 100 unpublished photos from Pigozzi's personal archives spanning from 1950 to the present. Dive into the glamourous party scene of Antibes, France with your favorite icons of film, fashion, and music. 

Fans of Palm Springs and the 1950's will love Palm Springs ParadiseContaining more than 200 rarely seen photos, historical facts, and architectural masterworks, this title is a tribute throwback to the decade that defined this glamourous destination. 

The Swimming Pool by Deanna Templeton offers an intimate portrait of the human form underwater. A combination of black and white, color, and polaroids capture several figures in dance-like motions. Entrancing, soothing, and spell-binding, this monograph is a refreshing photographic masterpiece.


Beaches from Gray Malin offers striking aerial shots of more than twenty cities across six continents. Colorful, rich, and unique, this monograph is a dreamy treasure that will no-doubt inspire feelings of wanderlust. Grab your sunscreen and take your pick from these hot and sandy destinations! 

Jet-setters and fashionistas will fall in love with Slim Aarons' portraits of "the good life" in his luxurious monograph, Poolside With Slim AaronsAarons depicts a wealthy, well-tanned, and well-dressed high society vacationing in places such as the Caribbean, Italy, Mexico, and Monaco (among others). Dreamy, decadent, and seductive, this monograph chronicles the leisurely, beautiful lives of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. 

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