The True Crime File by Kim Daly

05/26/2022 - 6:00pm


A launch party in celebration of Kim Daly's The True Crime File.

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The perfect true crime gift for newcomers to the genre and aficionados alike, The True Crime File: Serial Killings, Famous Kidnappings, the Great Cons, Survivors and Their Stories, Forensics, and More compiled by Kim Daly delivers more than 200 stories of murder, madness, and survival.

From tales of slashers and serial killers, grifters and con men, to dogged investigators and miraculous survivors, this is more than your typical crime compendium. Compulsively readable, illustrated throughout, and animated with the frisson that comes with discovering there are real monsters under the bed, author Daly, who holds a master’s degree in trauma studies and has worked as a rape crisis counselor, gets to the heart of true crime while remaining respectful of the victims. And while readers will find entries on Belle Gunness and Ed Kemper, they will also find an emphasis on awareness, victim advocacy, social justice, and not repeating mistakes of the past.

There is something of interest in every page, from those readers just beginning to explore the thrilling vagaries of true crime to fans who have delved into the subject for years. The True Crime File dives deep to uncover the more complex bounty of crime stories, covering:

  • Killers: from notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer to the missing and murdered women of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
  • Bizarre Brutality: like the unsolved Black Dahlia murder, a killer whose tattoo of a crime scene was ruled a “nonverbal confession,” and the mysterious floating feet in the Salish Sea.
  • Con Artists: learn about fake mummies, a larcenous “heiress,” and the real story behind the “Welfare Queen.”
  • Thieves: from purloined penguins to the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist and culinary crooks.
  • Antics & Accidents: a tiger in Harlem, “The Watcher,” and drug smuggling pigeons.
  • Crime Through Time: Stonewall, Chappaquiddick, and the LaLaurie mansion.
  • Forensic Facts: including the use of familial DNA and genetic genealogy to solve cold cases and the “CSI effect.”
  • Legal Concepts: from the reason there are so many “Florida Man” stories, the Operation Flagship sting, to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

And more.

Equally appealing to flip through or settle in with for a long read, the book mixes re-explorations of the most publicized crimes with quick facts, recommendations, and quizzes—turn to any page and tumble down the rabbit hole.

Kim Daly writes about pop culture, true crime, and mystery when not working as copy chief at Workman Publishing. She holds a master’s degree in trauma studies and previously worked as a rape crisis counselor. She lives across from the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

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