The Window of Our Wildest Dreams

05/17/2017 - 3:03pm

If you're walking up or down Broadway between W25th and W26th St, chances are you'll find yourself stopped in front of our whimsical and dynamic window displaying the work of artist, Federica Matta. Exotic birds containing multiple faces, colors, and shapes drop from varying levels, descending and twisting like mobiles as Matta's expressive drawings create a mural-like effect in the background. These drawings channel the inner-voices of a person's creativity, and are paired with texts and quotes that promote that strong human desire to create. The current window corresponds with Matta's new Prestel book, Journal Through Your Wildest Dreams

"We carry within us a multitude of worlds," writes Matta in her book. "In the confusion of these worlds, suddenly there is a door." It is that door that must be unlocked in order to channel the path to creativity. In doing that, we enter a profound revelation of self-discovery. 

Matta will aid in helping us unlock the door to our own creavity this Thursday, May 18th from 6-8pm in our salon. You can find more details on the event by clicking here. In the meantime, drop by and see the display - we hope it will inspire you to follow suit and journal through your wildest dreams!


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