Your "It's Always 5 o'clock Somewhere" Happy Hour Reading Guide

06/07/2017 - 7:07pm

Midweek, and in need of a little celebratory "pick me up" to get you to the weekend? Check out these hot Happy Hour titles to bring a little humpday fun to your work week!


Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler is the (addictive) coming-of-age story of a 22 year-old New York transplant working in a high-end downtown restaurant. Tess's New York City education ranges from food and wine, to sex and drugs, to fashion and music, to love and heartbreak - all the makings of what is both sweet and bitter about New York City. Now in paperback, this book is the perfect companion for $1 oysters and a glass of Sancerre. 

Ladies - this book is for YOU! This drink recipe book honors all the badass women (fictional and real) by naming cocktails after them! With drinks like the "Zeldatini," the "Suffragette Sour," and the "Frida Kahlua", how can you resist? Inventive, fun, and delicious, Drink Like a Woman is perfect for a girls' night gathering at home. 

This delightful and informative read has been called "The Kitchen Confidential of the wine world"; it tells the story of the author's journey and education on the way to becoming a sommelier. If you're a fan of wine and spirits, we recommend you celebrate your Wine Wednesday with the ultimate Cork Dork!

As visually stunning as it is informative, Rosé All Day is a great reference guide for the Millennial Pink crowd. Broken down by region, author Katherine Cole explores the history of the celebrated pink drink through the ages, offering recommendations, anecdotes, and general profiles of different wines along the way. It is the perfect companion for sommeliers, wine enthusiasts, or general fans of all-things-pink. 

Shaken and Stirred is a versatile collection of short stories written by some of the most reknowned authors and notorious drinkers (F.Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, to name a few). Dark, funny, and filled with hilarious, drunken ephipanies, the characters in these stories will leave you "shaken and stirred."  

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