April 17, 2020


Over the past 25 years, Supreme has transformed itself from a downtown New York skate shop into an iconic global brand. Supremethe book—looks back on more than two decades of the creations, stories, and convention-defying attitude that are uniquely Supreme.

Featuring more than 800 stunning images, from photographers such as Larry Clark, Ari Marcopoulos, and David Sims, readers will have unparallled access to behind-the-scenes content, including the company’s highly limited products—everything from t-shirts to bicycles—and collaborations—Nan Goldin, Comme de Garçons, and Nike, to name a few. The book also features a curated section of lookbooks and an index of T-shirts released since Supreme's Spring/Summer 2010 collections. And, with written contributions by pop-culture critic Carlo McCormick and film director Harmony Korine, readers will get exclusive insight into

Supreme’s core ethos from two lifelong devotees.

 "Across 800 images captured by cultural behemoths from Larry Clark to David Sims, this sprawling book traces Supreme's journey from New York skate shop to world-renowned brand. With a laser-focused look like never before..."—Dazed Digital

Known as much for its irreverent and iconoclastic spirit as it is for its commitment to design and quality, Supreme’s products have become as recognizable and coveted as those from the world’s top luxury brands—this book is no exception. Beautifully produced, the book is the epitome of Supreme’s dedication to quality and design, including a reversible jacket with the signature red Supreme logo.


April 16, 2020

Independent Bookstore Day has been postponed until Saturday, August 29, 2020

Virtual Bookstore Party Set for April 19-25.


While Bookstore Day is now planned for August, We are still celebrating,

VIRTUALLY April 19–25


What is Independent Bookstore Day?

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April.  Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. But in addition to authors, live music, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids events, art tables, readings, barbecues, contests, and other fun stuff, there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day.

Why are we celebrating independent bookstores?

Independent bookstores are not just stores, they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. They are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity. They are lively performance spaces and quiet places where aimless perusal is a day well spent.

In a world of tweets and algorithms and pageless digital downloads, bookstores are not a dying anachronism.  They are living, breathing organisms that continue to grow and expand. In fact, there are more of them this year than there were last year. And they are at your service.


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April 14, 2020

Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food For Having People Over by Alison Roman

Okay, so maybe unfortunately "Having People Over" for dinner during this important quarantine is NOT an option! Do not look away just because of the title. 

 We all know that pasta for the fifth time this week is maybe not the tastiest or healthiest option and it's probablly getting boring in the cooking department. Most of you might be cooking for one or even two, but are looking for recipes in larger batches to meal prep for the week. Some of you might even be quarantined with an entire family! Which makes this book perfect for easy family meals or to host your own quaratine dinner party to change things up indoors! Keep everyone entertained and fed with these fresh recipes. 

Alison Roman has an avid fanbase and it's easy to understand why. This book is sectioned into categories like, salads, snacks, sides, main courses, and after dinner deserts. Roman takes you through each category with delectable recipes, that also showcase her personality. Lush photographs fill the pages of this book with clear concise instructions that keep you enticed and entertained! 

Make a Citrus Chicken roasted in Herbs! 

Or a Celery and Fennel Walnut Salad! 

Alison Roman is a columnist for New York Times Cooking and a contributor to Bon Appetit Magazine.



April 13, 2020

During this very important quaratine, there is no reason why you can't bring nature indoors. Fill every room up to the ceiling with greenery this spring, with The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Urban Jungle!

Learn about the best indoor plants, to create an indoor jungle, with tips and tricks on how to care and treat them. In this book you'll find what your plants really need, what they need to survive, where they should be placed throughtout the home, along with suitable conditions. Featuring photos of beautiful plants by name and home interior set ups that will surely inspire you.  You will also learn how to analyze your space and how to find inspiration for it. 

Authors Lauren and Sophia run an incredibly succesful interior design store and nursey called Leaf Supply in Sydney, Australia. 


"When done correctly, curating any decent housplant can be just as effective as hanging a beautiful work of art."-Leaf Supply

April 9, 2020


Author André Aciman rekindles old flames in the second installment of the cultural senstaion that was, New York times Bestseller, Call Me By Your Name. 


Set up in 4 parts, we are taken though the personal inner narrative of Elio, Oliver and his father Samuel, each residing in seperate parts of the world. Aciman shows us Elio's father, Samuel, on a trip in Rome, enchanted by a younger woman, taking the risks he's long for. A chance encounter on train changes his life forever. Elio in Paris, where he, too, has a consequential affair, dealing with his inner thoughts, and battling through his memories. Oliver, now a New England college professor with a family, suddenly finds himself contemplating his happiness, his past and his future. 

In Find Me, you can hope to find the test of time, through love, and an inevitable spark that had just begun. 


April 7, 2020

Upcoming art books we're excited about here at Rizzoli Bookstore! Tauba Auerbach-S v Z, Now Available for Pre-order! 

Tauba Auerbach studies the boundaries of perception through an art and design practice grounded in math, science and craft. Published in conjunction with the first major survey of the artist's work, this volume, designed by Auerbach in collaboration with David Reinfurt, spans 16 years of her career, highlighting her interest in concepts such as duality and its alternatives, interconnectedness, rhythm and four-dimensional geometry.


Encapsulating Auerbach's longstanding consideration of symmetry, texture and logic, the title S v Z offers a framework for this volume's typeface, design and structure. Images of more than 130 paintings, drawings, sculptures and artist's books created between 2004 and 2020 are mirrored by a comprehensive selection of related reference images, illuminating her multifaceted practice as never before. Essays by Joseph Becker, Jenny Gheith and Linda Dalrymple Henderson provide further context for the work.


April 3, 2020

The Guest Cat

By Takashi Hiraide

Published by New Directions Publishing

This simple story about the arrival of a neighborhood cat into a married couple’s quiet and uneventful life in a rented cottage on the outskirts of Tokyo could not be more fitting for these quarantined days.

The attachment that the couple slowly begins to feel for their new stray friend Chibi not only brings meaning to their estranged marriage but also allows them to truly feel the presence of life in every passing detail. 

The elegance, lyricism, and sensitivity of Hiraide’s fragile prose, brings forth in great vividness the joy and intricacy of life, suggesting that careful and mindful observation of the ordinary can open up worlds within us unknown before.

Like all great poetry, “The Guest Cat” reminds us that beauty lies in the experience of moments, rather than the meaning behind them.

April 2, 2020

This months theme is all about the Earth, Nature, our planet and the coming of spring! Time’s 2019 Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg is the perfect highlight to launch this months theme! Her actions are a global movement, inspiring millions of students around the world to protest the climate crisis! 

April 1, 2020


By Anne Collins Goodyear

Published by Rizzoli Electa

Coinciding with the state’s bicentennial, Rizzoli Electa has published two beautiful volumes showcasing Maine’s unique place in the history of American Art.

Surveying Maine’s rich artistic community, “At First Light” examines twenty-six artist’s practices impacted by the region’s sublime landscape over the last two hundred years.

Thoughtfully written and expertly researched, each chapter combines contemporary photographs of the artist’s homes, studios and surroundings alongside in-depth assessment of how Maine directly influenced their process and the work they made.





By Michael K. Komanecky, Jane Biano and Angela Waldron 

Published by Rizzoli Electa

“Maine and American Art” presents over two hundred works from the Farnsworth Art Museum’s collection, one of the most comprehensive studies on the works made by the artists based in Maine from the nineteenth century to the present.

 Included are works by Georgia O’Keefe, Winslow Homer, Alex Katz, Francesco Clemente, Robert Rauschenberg, N.C. and Andrew Wyeth as well as lesser known but as important figures in exemplifying the diverse and extraordinary influence of Maine’s natural beauty on the development of American Art. 

March 30, 2020


By Garth Greenwell

Published by Macmillan


In nine powerful episodes set in Sofia, Bulgaria, a queer American teacher confronts love and loss in search of his identity.

 Both highly polarizing and critically acclaimed (the New York Review of Books hailed it as ‘an instant classic”), Greenwell’s second novel picks up the setting and themes of his debut, only to push them further into focus, mirroring the narrator's acceptance of his sexual past in an increasingly intolerant and unstable present. 

 While recalling Edmund White, Jean Genet, and James Baldwin, Greenwell tackles power, masculinity and desire in a precise and elegant style that is all his own. 

March 26, 2020

Pasta Grannies: The Secrets of Italy’s Best Home Cooks

By Violet Bennison

Even if you're not planning to spend the weekend cooking, there's something deeply comforting about paging through this book of our favorite Italian nonnas.  Patience, perseverance, and spirit come to mind—inspiring ideas for a challenging time.

On the other hand, all that mixing, rolling, stretching, and shaping might be the perfect workout to try on this second weekend of quarantine.  Enlist your homebound child, partner, or roommate and get cooking!  

Our bookseller and resident cooking show aficionado, Tim, says "This amazing cookbook features pasta recipes from Bennison's popular YouTube channel. You'll not only discover how to make different pastas from scratch, but also learn about the grandmothers behind the recipes and the regions from which they come."

Don't have the book? Tune in to their youtube channel.  


March 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Since Monday, when we made the difficult decision to temporarily close the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York City to the public, we have been thinking of ways to engage with you while you are practicing social distancing and sheltering more. We deeply appreciate your notes of support over the last few days.

Please stay in touch with us and continue to support Rizzoli Bookstore.

Shop with us online- We will continue shipping web orders, so please feel free to shop from home for books. Our online sales will be active. Due to the current situation please allow for possible delivery delays.

Follow us online- We will post regular updates and book features on our website. We will also creatively share recommendations with you on Instagram and Facebook, including what books we are enjoying at home. Be on the lookout for virtual events with some of our favorite authors, along with storytelling and recommendations for children. Our Rizzoli Music Aperitivo team will be creating online jazz playlists for you to listen to at home, so you can enjoy music as we look forward to live events in the Rizzoli Bookstore Salon soon.

Get in touch--We would love to hear from you, whether via email ( or through social media comments (@RizzoliBookstore).  Please feel free to contact us with questions, requests, or just to chat!

We look forward to opening our doors to you again. Until then, please stay safe.

Warm wishes to all,

Your Rizzoli Booksellers

March 16, 2020

Rizzoli Bookstore will be closed until further notice to help protect  our customers, booksellers and community against Covid-19. 

As the situation evolves updates will be posted on our social media and website. We wish everyone to be safe and no matter the uncertainty ahead to find the peace and quiet in which to read a good book. 

March 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

With great regret, we must announce that we are suspending all events through the month of March.  Amidst concerns about the COVID-19 virus, we feel a duty to prioritze the safety and well-being of our customers, guests, and staff above all.  We hope to reschedule as many events as we can and to communicate new dates as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Rizzoli Bookstore will remain open.  We welcome you to escape for awhile to our shelves of beautiful books and airy, open atmosphere.  We also understand that many of you will prefer to shop with us online right now.  Please watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for updates about events, promotions, book recommendations, and other online celebrations!

We hope to see and hear from you soon,

The Staff at Rizzoli Bookstore

March 2, 2020


feat. Lorin Cohen and Leo Sidran

Perform for


the Music Series at Rizzoli Bookstore

Sunday, March 22nd 2020 – 5pm

1133 Broadway (25th - 26th Streets), New York City

Ben Sidran (vocals, keys): A pianist, producer, singer and composer, he has recorded more than thirty albums as a leader, including the Grammy nominated Concert for Garcia Lorca, and produced recordings for such noted artists as Van Morrison, Diana Ross, Michael Franks, Rickie Lee Jones, Mose Allison and Steve Miller (with whom he co-wrote the hit song “Space Cowboy”). He is the composer of the soundtrack for the acclaimed film Hoop Dreams, and scored the documentary Vietnam: Long Time Coming, which won both the Aspen Film Festival audience award and an Emmy.  Sidran has authored two books on the subject of jazz, Black Talk, a cultural history of the music, and Talking Jazz, a series of conversations with inspirational musicians. He holds a PhD. in American Studies from Sussex University, Brighton, England, but has studiously avoided the academic life, preferring instead to spend his time performing, producing and writing.  His latest works include the memoir, A Life in the Music the groundbreaking text There Was a Fire: Jews, Music and the American Dream, the biography The Ballad of Tommy LiPuma, along with the recordings Dylan Different and Don’t Cry For No Hipster. Ben Sidran is widely recognized as the host of National Public Radio’s landmark jazz series “Jazz Alive”, which received a Peabody Award, and as the host of VH-1 television’s “New Visions” series, which received the Ace Award for best music series.

 Leo Sidran (drums) is a Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, arranger, composer, recording artist, and podcast host. After playing professionally as a teen-ager with the legendary Steve Miller Band he established himself as a versatile artist at ease as band-leader (with six albums in his discography) as he is producing other musicians domestically and abroad (in 2005 he co-produced the Academy Award Winning song, "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" from the film The Motorcycle Diaries for Jorge Drexler) composing over a dozen film scores for outlets such as ESPN 30 for 30, Discovery, IFC, Sundance, and PBS and TV commercials, and playing drums with jazz luminaries including Phil Woods, Howard Levy, David Fathead Newman, Clark Terry and Dave Grusin, and as an engineer he has recorded projects ranging from jazz great Mark Murphy to British duo Massive Attack. And as that was not enough he also co-founded and manages the independent label Nardis and hosts an influential podcast called The Third Story featuring interviews with musicians, producers, songwriters. 

Lorin Cohen (upright bass): New York bassist and composer Lorin Cohen is best known for his work with Monty Alexander, Joe Locke, Guggenheim Fellow Ryan Cohan, and the acclaimed Hip-hop-meets-jazz ensemble, Vertikal. Lorin Cohen’s work as a bassist and composer has resonated with audiences throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Currently based in NYC, the Chicago - bred musician has shared his talents with numerous jazz luminaries. Notably, he recorded and toured widely with jazz legend Monty Alexander from 2005 - 2013. His most recent release, HOME, received wide critical acclaim, including a four - star review in Downbeat magazine. Equally adept on the bass guitar as well as the upright bass, he played in the Broadway production of “Motown: The Musical”, as well as the Chicago run of “Jersey Boys”. Lorin Cohen is an Adjunct Lecturer of Music at the The College of Staten Island, City University of New York.



February 19, 2020


feat. Ben Allison and Tim Horner

Perform for


Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 5pm

1133 Broadway (25th - 26th Streets), New York

Since 1982, Ron Horton (trumpet) has been an integral part of New York's flourishing jazz scene and he stands out both as an exemplary instrumentalist and as a highly progressive composer and arranger. Whether called upon as a sideman or as a leader of one of his own ensembles, he shows that he is committed to further expanding the existing perimeters of jazz. Horton has had many long musical associations with leaders such as saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom (1983-2000) and pianist Andrew Hill. He was a member of Hill's sextet from 1998 until 2003, and was musical director and co-arranger for Hill's big band.

A key member of New York's Jazz Composers Collective, going back to its inception in 1992, Horton appears on numerous albums both as leader and in the bands lead by other members of the Collective, such as Ben Allison and Michael Blake, as well as the collective's Herbie Nichols Project. He has collaborated with countless other musicians including Will Holshouser, Rez Abbasi, Phillip Johnston, Andy Laster, Mick Rossi, Matt Wilson, Allan Chase, Andy Biskin, Ted Nash, Mario Pavone, Maryanne DeProphetis, Kris Davis, Darcy James Argue and many others.

In a career that spans over 30 years, bassist/composer Ben Allison has developed his own instantly identifiable sound, solidifying an international reputation as one of the leading voices of his generation. Known for his inspired arrangements, inventive grooves and hummable melodies, Ben draws from the jazz tradition and a range of influences from rock and folk to 20th century classical and world music, seamlessly blending them into a cinematic, cohesive whole. With his groups The Ben Allison Band, Think Free, The Easy Way Trio, Peace Pipe, and Medicine Wheel, Ben has toured extensively throughout the world, winning fans and building new audiences with an adventurous yet accessible sound and a flair for the unexpected. In addition to being an established educator, over the past two decades, Ben has solidified his reputation as a strong voice for artist empowerment and musician's rights.

Drummer Tim Horner began playing the drums at the age of ten. With a professional career of over 40 years, Horner has played with the who's who in jazz, including Warne Marsh, Hank Jones, Helen Merrill, Miroslav Vitous, Clifford Jordan, Pepper Adams, Richie Cole, Joe Locke, Frank Kimbrough, Ted Nash, Ben Allison, The Jazz Composers Collective, Wynton Marsalis, The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra, The Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Mark Murphy, Joe Williams, Dave Liebman, Billy Drewes, and many more.

Rizzoli Music Aperitivo is sponsored by Mionetto Prosecco and curated by Mondo Jazz, the weekly Radio Free Brooklyn show dedicated to international jazz.


Please rsvp to Tickets may be purchased at the door for $20 and include complimentary prosecco.

January 31, 2020

On Wednesday, February 12th at 6pm, Italian journalist Roberto Saviano will discuss Di’ la verità anche se la tua voce trema (Speak the truth even if your voice trembles) by Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.  Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb while reporting on government corruption in Malta.  This book is the first in the Munizioni (Ammunition) series curated by Saviano and published by Bompiani, dedicated to the power of words to build bridges towards a future of equality and freedom. This event will be presented in Italian.  To rsvp, please click here

The third book in the Munizioni series, Gotico Americano, will be presented by the author, Arianna Farinelli, on February 27th at 6pm.  Gotico Americano is a story of family, identity, and a critique of the western elite.

Roberto Saviano is an Italian writer, essayist and screenwriter. In his writings, including articles and his book Gomorrah, he uses literature and investigative reporting to tell of the economic reality of the territory and business of the Camorra crime syndicate and of organized crime more generally.

Arianna Farinelli was born in Rome in 1975 and has lived in the United States since 2001.  She received her PhD in Political Science in 2009.  Since 2010 she has been professor of Political Science at Baruch College of the City University of New York. Gotico Americano is her first novel.

January 22, 2020


perform for



Sunday, February 2nd, 2019 – 5pm



1133 Broadway (25th - 26th Streets), New York City


 The next Rizzoli Music Aperitivo will feature Cosmo, the instrumental project of Grammy Award winning composer Jesse Harris.  Cosmo play song-like compositions, written by Harris, that vacillate between written melodies and modern polyphony, arranged by the ensemble.

With Jesse Harris (guitar), CJ Camerieri (trumpet/flugelhorn/french horn), Jeremy Gustin (drums), Will Graefe (guitar), Michael Boschen (trombone) and Benjamin L. Davis (bass)

To listen to a preview playlist of this  concert, click here

Rizzoli Music Aperitivo is sponsored by Mionetto Prosecco and curated by Mondo Jazz, the weekly Radio Free Brooklyn show dedicated to international jazz.


Please rsvp to Tickets may be purchased at the door for $25 and include complimentary prosecco.

January 17, 2020

We are once again delighted to partner with the Outsider Art Fair for its 28th New York edition, taking place January 16-19, 2019 at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street). Since 1993, the Outsider Art Fair has been the only fair dedicated to Self-Taught art, art brut, and Outsider Art. For the second year, the fair will host a pop-up of the Rizzoli Bookstore. Come visit us in the main lobby and browse our selection of books on subjects related to Outsider Art, including major exhibition catalogues and artist monographs from around the world.

For more information about the fair, please visit  

December 11, 2019
A Rizzoli Bookstore Subscription is the ideal way to have the best books of the year delivered straight to your door and an unforgettable gift for people who love to read. Our passionate booksellers discover hundreds of new books a year and are experts at making the perfect selection to suit every subscriber’s reading tastes.
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