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June 15, 2019
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9.7in. x 7.6in. x 1.1in.
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Shotaro Kaga was a pioneering horticulturist and businessman whose orchid collection started a craze in Japan that continues to this day In 1946, Kaga wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of his flowers in a way that went beyond the limits of regular botanical art For this, he turned to woodblock printing, a process that was better able to illustrate the natural state of a plant Kaga sought out the finest artists, carvers, and printers in all of Kyoto and from this group came some of the most spectacular woodblock prints ever created After Kaga printed copies for his friends and associates, the plates went mostly unseen for more than sixty years While some attempts were made to republish the prints, none have matched the quality and breadth of this new publication from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Rankafu is a fitting presentation of these remarkable woodblocks Ninety-eight of the prints are reproduced here in full color, showcasing the fine detail of this art form The research and information is unrivaled, making it the most comprehensive work to date on the woodblocks It also tells Shotaro Kaga's story and offers a window into Japanese history and culture in the first half of the twentieth century It is a beautiful book that will appeal to orchid fanatics and lovers of botanical art, as well as those with an interest Japanese artistic history

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