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Publication Date: 
December 1, 2016
Trim Size: 
11.1in. x 8.4in. x 0.6in.
About This Item: 
It's fair to say that injury and recovery motivated me to get on with making the work I'd always wanted to, made me appreciate the time left While I admire the work of many photographers who are out to capture 'truth', or to 'document', I myself am intrigued by artifice, says photographer G Elliott Simpson Transformation is the first monograph of the Toronto-based artist, featuring cutting-edge fetish photography Simpson s world consists of rubber and latex, light and shadow and reflections The viewer from the outside explores an unknown world, full of pleasure, lust, and desire As the playwright, director and TV host Brad Fraser puts it: In some ways Simpson works like a film-maker The initial photographs are just the beginning of a much longer, highly labour-intensive process Backgrounds are painted, figures are retouched, distorted, changed Viewing the final print is different from seeing the original proofs in the same way that seeing an artist s initial storyboards differs from viewing the finished film The artifice that began with the costumes and props from the original shoot becomes so enhanced that the images take on a convincing naturalism authentic to the artist s vision and world view The closer one looks, the more complex and unsettling Simpson s work becomes It provokes questions about matters that go beyond the immediate and easy assumptions This makes G Elliott Simpson one of the most important fetish photographers of our times."

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