The Traveling Drawing Club

Gilles and Cecilie Studio

Join us for an immersive workshop in mark making and drawing, perfect for complete beginners!

The Travelling Drawing Club No. 52 is hosted by the founders Gilles and Cecilie Studio, with support from Moleskine. Participants will learn skills and techniques for creating personal drawings from scratch.

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore various mark-making tools and methods, learning how to manipulate lines, shapes, and textures to express their artistic vision. From pencils to pens, charcoal to pastels, participants will experiment with a range of materials under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Please note: Tickets include a sketchbook kindly provided by Moleskine. Some tools will be available, but we also encourage participants to bring any favorite drawing materials you may already have at home.

1133 Broadway
The Traveling Drawing Club